Kindergarten Girl

22 Jul

Chuck has just completed her first two days of kindergarten. For those wondering why so early, it’s a year-round school. As expected, she’s loving it! She was most nervous about getting up earlier and catching the school bus. I have to admit it’s one of my worries too, as neither of us are morning girls. I was a little more emotional about it than I had anticipated, and was biting my nails waiting for her to return that first day. Wow! She’s really growing up!


Proudly Presenting…..My New Craft Room!!!

11 May

When we moved into our house we put my desk and craft stuff in the den/mud room. It mostly just collected hats, gloves, stuff from school, etc. It also took up a lot of space. I really couldn’t work there. So I decided to turn a small room in the basement into a craft area. The room was just a cold, grey area with a bare bulb and unfinished walls. The Cap’n offered to put up a new light fixture and some drywall for me. He’s pretty awesome. My father-in-law is also pretty awesome, he helped with a ton of it. I slapped up some Martha Stewart paint and laid carpet tiles. Now I’m thrilled to have it finished! Note: we will add a wall around the bathroom portion at some point, so it’s not finished-finished, but is great for now.

I had a million and one problems doing this post. Just click on the photos to enlarge if you want a better look.

Chuck’s Sense of Style

4 Mar

My computer is still toast, but I had to share a couple of photos. First, Chuck’s “gone tooth,” as she refers to it.

Now onto fashion! Chuck is definitely an individual. Her younger sis is quite fashion conscious. Chuck just wears what she likes, even if it’s completely crazy. Examples: 

Not completely crazy, just an interesting mix.

Dressing up at home. Tutu cute!

She really liked this outfit a lot, so I let her wear it to school. But it caused me a little concern.

Her life shouldn’t ever be boring!

My Computer is Toast

27 Feb

My computer fried itself a couple of weeks ago. That’s at least one excuse for not blogging lately. I’ve been using my husband’s laptop, but I hesitate to upload pictures to it. And a blog post just isn’t a blog post without pictures!

I’d love to share some pics from our warm spell last week, when the girls and I went for a couple of very muddy walks at the lake. Or Chuck’s first lost tooth! She’s so darn cute. Or I’d like to participate in You Capture. Oh well, it’ll get fixed or replaced one of these days.

You Capture: Happy

27 Jan

What great timing for this week’s You Capture theme! We’ve just returned from a wonderful (child free) vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico. We went with a group of family and friends for a week of sun, fun, and great food. What could be happier for a gal in Iowa than to escape January for a week? Well, maybe a month or two could be happier, but I’m not complaining! We made it a point to eat fresh shrimp everyday, we got to eat fresh fish caught by our relatives, and we drank a lot of cerveza and fruity drinks. It was fabulous! I’ve got about a million and one pictures of happiness from last week, but I don’t want to bore anyone. Go see some more happiness at:

The Happiness Project: Cooling Off & Warming Up in Des Moines

11 Jan

Saturday we hit the Brenton Skating Plaza in downtown Des Moines. Neither my husband nor I are proficient ice-skaters; we’ve only gone together once or twice, and this would be the girls’ first time. Chuck was pretty excited about it. The excitement didn’t really last, however.

One girl was scared and the other girl slept. Oh well, we tried. And the hubby and I got some exercise. We decided to move on to warmer environs, the Des Moines Botanical Center. This was a far bigger success. The girls loved it, and they got to do a Dr. Seuss themed scavenger hunt.

Link up to The Happiness Project here:

Flashback Friday: Glory Days

7 Jan

A long, long time ago I had relatively few problems being seen publicly in swimwear, and would even happily pose in front of a camera wearing it. I was young and literally working my butt off on cruise ships. Then I moved back to the midwest, settled into a desk job, and then another; had some issues with depression and my thyroid; I became a mom, and made lots of excuses for gaining weight. I’m not obese but I’m definitely overweight. I’m trying to break my sedentary cycle and I have a goal of running a 5K this year. So here are some pictures of me in swimwear as a reminder and motivator. I don’t expect to ever be a size 6 again but, I’d love to feel comfy wearing swimwear in public again.

One of my earlier shots, when I was new to ships and starting to slim down.

Another earlier shot. Having a lovely pool party in Jamaica to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I'm on the end in the horiffic orange bikini, prepping to watch a solar eclipse in Aruba.

Magen's Bay on St. Thomas.

I wasn’t terribly toned in any of these photos. That is something I would like to achieve in my older age. I’m having a ball in my mid-thirties and would like to be more body-confident to go with it! 

See more flashbacks at:




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